One Cold December Night

A Christmas Horror story in which the surplus of people... Oh, my goodness... Read the story. Christmas will never be the same again!

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Breaking up

Falling in love is no problem; breaking up requires a whole new set of skills. How is Arthur Sturrock going to tell her?

Perfect and perfectionist

A magnificent collection of 12 great, yet ultrashort, stories. Flash Fiction stories from the series of Twisted Tales. All kinds of situations which seem to be so familiar, yet they end up with an unexpected twist. Curious which Flash Fiction is included? Read on...

About Flash and Shorts / ShorTees

Ever since I've read Roald Dahl's 'Tales of Mystery and Imagination', I have a special interest and love for those concised stories. Most of them ending with an unexpected twist. Clearly, writing short and flash fiction is part of the deal. Here's the place to find mine. All stories are listed chronological by date of appearence. Check the menu in the (first) right bar for alphabetical order, per year. (Also read this blog-entry.) 


Flash (Fiction):    500 -   1,500 words.
Short (Fiction): 1,500 - 15,000 words.
Language: English, unless stated otherwise.

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Innerverse [Short, 2018]

Their wish: to become an astronaut. Their mission: to explore the universe. Their story… seems to end right here. In an unknown world. Far away from human civilisation.

Delivery [Short / ShorTees, 2018]

New job; first day. Garrick is glad that his first day as a taxi driver is over. But just before he wants to go home, one more passenger is waiting for him. A special passenger with a special story.

First Time [Short / ShorTees, 2018]

There is a first time for everything. And will you forget that first time? Forget it! The excitement; the lust for the unknown; the tension; the outloading... Everything is different. That first time.