A thousand notes (free online story)

He looked at the picture frame upon his desk. An old fashioned, basic glass frame. It was getting old; so did he. The photo was slowly yellowing, but it was still there. Upon his desk. The first photo she ever gave him. He remembered the day they had met. Today; exactly twenty-five years ago.
Many more photos had followed. That was long before Smartphones had made photography as easy as making a phone call and taking pictures was degenerated into taking short notes without a pen. Most of their photos included more than the two of them. Highlights of their life. Unwritten notes, describing the past. Often, very often, the pictures included one of their kids. Or their grandkids.

Would you do it all over again if you knew then what you know now?
It’s a well known question; and it’s been asked many, many times before. He knew the answer. Most people do. But they will answer shortly without even questioning themselves: “Yes.”
Yes is an easy word. Many people rush into a relation based upon this simple three letter word. Most marriages do. After twenty-five years he knew better. Most of the time the real question remains unanswered. Not because it is not answered that easy. But simply because the severe question isn’t asked. It’s an open question: “Why would you do it all over again?”
That’s the question every relation should start with.
Not an easy: “Will you…?”
But an exhaustive: “Why?”

Stumble, fall and get on your feet again. Life isn’t easy. He knew; he had learned it the hard way. Together with her. They had been there. Everywhere. And they had been there for each other. In good times and bad times. Oh, any fool crosses the thin line between love and hate every now and then. Knowing or unknowing; willing or unwilling. Things just happen. But it requires the skills and technique of an equilibrist to stay in line. He smiled. He, a rope-dancer?

Life is lovely. First date; first kiss; first base… All first things are exciting. But how about the rest? How about the next steps in life? A daily routine? Just like every boring step before the one you’ve just made? You have to keep on walking. The march of life is a long one. But, if shared with the right people, it’s a beautiful and exciting walk. So practice your ropemanship. Together.

He placed his pencil on his desk and looked at the pile of papers. Finished. Or… did he need to recount? Would she miss one anyway? A stupid question he realized. He knew she would. She was perfect and perfectionist. Only one of the reasons he loved her. And still did. Unconditional. And now he showed her. Today. The day they had met; exactly twenty-five years ago.
He had written, sketched and drawn her a thousand notes to tell her every single reason why he loved her. Why she was and still is a lover to be loved.

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